What Would Life With Your SoulMate Feel Like to You?

He gets me!Waking up every morning basking in the knowledge that you are completely free to give and receive love …?

Confident that you and your special someone share a purpose within a conscious relationship…that the world needs the example and inspiration of your loving partnership…?

Enjoying complete freedom from emotional baggage…enabling you and your Beloved to continually grow and deepen in the kind of love that makes everybody want to know your secret …?

Excited to have someone who “gets you” at a deep level, who is committed to sharing your personal and spiritual growth and who is there with you for the long haul…?

Jean“I am happy to report that I met my current boyfriend shortly after completing the SoulMate ManiFest 2012 course. This is the healthiest relationship I have ever been in. I have been able to stay true to myself as well as maintain my freedom. I believe EFT helped me remove the blocks in my body’s energy system as well as heal my negative beliefs regarding relationships.” ~ Jean

 …And what completes the picture?

  • How would you enjoy the warmth of another’s hand slipped into yours, eager and committed to sharing every step and challenge along the way…?
  • Engaging conversation, laughter and passion, shared with the one you love more than any other…?
  • The tender affection of your Beloved, held tight in your arms beside you every night…?

Just let that sink in….

Some dreams are more easily attainable than others. I’m here to tell you that dream relationships aren’t as quick and easy as other goals because it takes two self-aware people to consciously creating an amazing, soulful relationship. That starts TODAY with you!

Maybe you know what it feels like to get what you want in other areas of your life… to put yourself out there, take risks and conquer the challenges ahead… exhilarated at the prospect of reaching your goals…

…but when it comes to love… you can’t quite get the results that satisfy you at a deep, meaningful level?

Are you ready to break the cycle of unsatisfactory relationships to find the one who will be there with you… through all of life’s ups and downs… to love, support and celebrate you blossoming into the person you were always meant to be…while allowing you to experience the kind of love like you never imagined was possible…?

Are you done attracting crazies, losers, fixer-uppers or emotionally unavailable partners… but you haven’t quite figured out how to get there yet?

CyndiandBob“We’re getting married December 28, 2013!!” ~ Cindy and Bob

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Annette VaillancourtI hear you. I’ve been there! Hi, I’m Dr. Annette Vaillancourt… and for most of my life I found myself stuck in a pattern of attracting horrible dating partners… leaving me feeling confused and desperate. I was so unprepared!

On top of that, the repercussions of a sexual assault way back in my 20’s left me vulnerable to being used and manipulated in subsequent relationships. I thought I was “damaged goods” and I should just feel lucky any man paid attention to me.

It was 17 years before I started to date again…but without doing any real healing or the inner work that would prepare me to BE the one my SoulMate found irresistible. I just wanted to be “normal” and find a relationship that fulfilled my life, which allowed my heart and spirit to soar. I wanted a chance to love truly and deeply before I died. I didn’t know the first thing about how to do that.

Despite all the dissappointments, worries and heartbreak, I still wanted to find someone special with whom to share my life. Now, I’m embarrassed to admit this next thing. Only in looking back did I realize that I didn’t even really like most of the men I dated! Something was wrong…and I always assumed it was me!

What I would have given for a few role-models of conscious relationships and spiritual partnerships in my earlier life! I didn’t know any SoulMate couples. In fact, I didn’t even know such a thing existed until I was well into my 40’s! But as soon as I learned about it, I knew that was exactly what I’d been looking for.

What I didn’t realize was that subconscious beliefs, fear and old programming were running and ruining my relationships. That is why I decided to develop a process to systematically identify and overcome the obstacles standing in the way of attracting a SoulMate!

I don’t want you to have to wait as long or go through the painful trial and error learning that I did.

Professionally, I spent 25 years as a marriage and couples counselor, during which I saw more MISERABLE relationships, than SUCCESSFUL ones. Not a single troubled couple had a clue how to go from Stalemate to SoulMates. That’s why I decided to start at the beginning to empower spiritually minded singles with the roadmap and tools needed to manifest their SoulMates.

The satisfaction from seeing so many of my clients overcome deep-rooted barriers to finding a healthy, fulfilling relationship has been such a rewarding and exhilarating experience that I’ve never looked back.

Sean“I am now in a relationship! She is a person who reflects my love in a way that makes me feel like I improve the quality of her life by being in it and makes me a better person in the process. And that is the greatest feeling in the world…In this moment everything is awesome with us and I’m enjoying being with her…I am thankful for everything I’ve learned from Annette thus far.” ~ Sean

 …And what’s the secret to
making so many dreams come true?

Your SoulMate lives outside of your comfort zone.

Your SoulMate lives outside of your comfort zone.

Most people think manifesting a SoulMate will just happen – that it’s a matter of luck, knowing how to flirt or living in the right location. That’s simply not true. It’s all a matter of inner preparation which gently takes out out of your comfort zone to the place where the magic begins!

My work is inspired by this ancient wisdom from the Sufi poet, Rumi:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

“For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.”

Even though you don’t have control over WHEN your SoulMate walks into your life, you can erase hidden barriers to love and start your SoulMate relationship TODAY!

*EFT Puts the Law of Attraction on Steroids!

In 2006 I discovered the transformative power of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). EFT is a powerful, yet simple, mind/body tapping technique based upon the ancient Chinese system of acupuncture (without the needles). It quickly clears fear, distress and negative beliefs that block your SoulMate from finding you.

EFT is a natural partner for helping you manifest anything…including your SoulMate. It’s a no-brainer. When I finally got tired of waiting for someone else to write the book on how to use EFT to manifest the SoulMate you’ve always craved, I decided to write it myself!

up arrowFor a LIMITED TIME ONLY get a FREE PDF of my entire book. Fill out the form above for IMMEDIATE ACCESS. Plus, 2 surprise BONUSES!

  • 54 Afformations that Eradicate Barriers to Love
  • How to Tap Away the Fear that “Nothing works.”

How to Manifest Your Soul Mate With EFT: Relationship as a Spiritual Path goes way beyond manifesting your SoulMate – it gives you the tools to manifest whatever it is you truly desire in your life.

I know this process works because I have used these powerful tools to accomplish every goal I set for myself, including:

  • $70,000 in unexpected money
  • A 70-pound weight loss
  • A Brown Belt in Shotokan karate at the age of 58
  • A permanent cure for my plantar fasciitis
  • The sale of two houses (by myself) to the first buyer who walked in the door
  • Doubling my income during the recent recession
  • Writing my first book in 6 months, my second in 6 weeks and my third in 6 days!

EFT Allows Synchronicity to Work in Your Favor

You’ve probably heard plenty of stories about men and women who’ve met their SoulMate quite by accident. Well, it was no accident. It was synchonicity at work. Synchronicities abound when you clear away the blinders caused by fears, self-limiting beliefs and preoccupation with lack.

In fact, I’m amazed at the frequency and number of synchronicities that appear shortly after my clients tap their way through a fear or limiting belief. For example, barely 15 minutes after a single tapping session to clear feelings of guilt about wanting to date again, my widowed cousin got asked out on a date for the first time since her husband passed away.

Here’s an another example of synchroncity from one of my readers:

“Quick send me the antidote!!! I read to page 40 last night. Started the work. I just spent 90 mins in Walmart doing 15 mins worth of shopping. LOL! Some man comes up to me… starts talking like he has known me forever… never saw him before in my life. Amazing what you learn in 45 mins. We had a million things in common. Exchanged first names, then I got out of there scared to death. Coincidence or not? I thought you would find this amusing.

I just did the first exercise of when you go to bed and wrote the letter in my head. I may wait a few days before I read on!

I did it through the day also. While I was in Walmart, I was standing there thinking, “I’m over here by the milk if your looking for me,” Boom! There he was… big smile and talking when he walked up.

Two other men that I know and am friends with came up to me with big smiles and hugs like they hadn’t seen me in a hundred years …which I started finding odd too. I’m home now staying in! LOL! To be continued…” ~ Ms. Anonymous

What are You Waiting For?

older couple talkingAre you ready to uncover what it really takes to bring your dreams of a SoulMate into reality? Are you ready to get out of your own way and let your SoulMate come to you?

Stop settling for Mr. Right-Now, when you can create a relationship that is right for YOU …that fits who you are and what you’re about.

Are you ready for more clarity, commitment, self-acceptance… love… patience…and inner guidance to draw your SoulMate to you…?

This program is for you if you are ready to…

  • commit to having exactly the kind of relationship you’ve always dreamed of
  • change the assumptions and erase the fears that cause you to repeat one unsatisfactory relationship after another
  • release attachment to your exes, to free energy to invest in the SoulMate of your future
  • not just leave your emotional baggage at the door, but get rid of it forever!
  • live with courage and confidence (two VERY attractive qualities!) knowing your SoulMate is seeking you just as much as you are seeking him.
  • experience a deep shift in identity…from SEEKING a SoulMate to BEING the one your SoulMate finds irresistible.

You won’t find this combination being used together anywhere else.

My unique approach of pairing EFT with the Seven Secret Stages of Manifesting, puts the Law of Attraction on Steroids!  My program clears subconscious barriers to love quickly and easily. THAT’s why it’s so powerful!

Identify the subsconscious fears and doubts that are holding you back… then figure out what the hell to do with them!

Create the relationship of your dreams today!

up arrowFor a LIMITED TIME ONLY get a FREE PDF of my entire book. Fill out the form above for IMMEDIATE ACCESS. Plus, 2 surprise BONUSES!

  • 54 Afformations that Eradicate Barriers to Love
  • How to Tap Away the Fear that “Nothing works.”

Join a Love Revolution Today!

Let’s start Changing the World One Conscious Relationship at a Time!