What Does It Mean When He Says...- (1)

What Every Woman Wants to Know: “What Does It Mean When He….?”

You are overthinking this. What does it mean when he… says he wants to spend an evening with the boys? says he needs “some space?” doesn’t know what he feels about you? falls asleep after sex? smiles at another woman? says he really likes me? Oh, the agony of trying to figure it out! Suddenly…

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17 Sad Things People Do to Mess Up New Relationships

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” ? L.M. Montgomery New relationships are tender and fragile. When we open our heart to a new person, we are doing a balancing act between hope and fear. At the same time that we’re deliriously out of our minds…

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Is he my soulmate?

My Soulmate: How Do I Figure Out If Someone Is or Not?

It is time for us to move toward a more mature definition of a soulmate. Popular definitions of a soulmate imply there is only one perfect person who can fulfil your longing for love you will recognize each other instantly, as if you’ve known each other before you will have undeniable chemistry you will ride…

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23 Surprising Places to Practice Your Rico Suave Flirting Skills

Flirting is fun!  If you practice these flirting skills every chance you get, pretty soon you’ll be a real Rico Suave’. Don’t bogart your good stuff until you meet the One. We are natural flirts…that is we start out in life being engaging, friendly and open. Eye contact, body language, tone of voice and a friendly…

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10 Top Notch Intimacy Skills: How Many of These Do You Have?

Yes, you can develop better and more intimacy skills. Honing intimacy skills is not something we learn in high school, which is too bad. I really could have used these skills then! Ever feel awkward or unsure when you want to get close to an attractive person? Don’t despair. We’ve all been there. With these…

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The Gifts of Shyness: 12 Ways to Break Out of Your Shell

I used to be painfully shy. Maybe you are too.  So if the usual dating advice makes you cringe or despair, have hope.  Shy people can find love too! In high school, I couldn’t make eye contact with anyone. I walked around looking at the ground rather than at the faces of people coming toward me. God help…

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Our SoulMate Story

Gail and Tad’s SoulMate Story

Do you wonder if SoulMates really exist? Do you know anybody who has one? That is why I have started this series of SoulMate Stories to let you how real people find theirs in real life. My friend Gail and her husband Tad have an encouraging SoulMate story.  I just had to share it with…

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