Oprah and Gary Zukav Will Make You Cry

Love or hate her, Oprah is a phenomenon. She gets to talk about whatever she wants with whomever she wants – like Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul and Spiritual Partnerships. I assume you have a spiritual practice, right? What if your relationship could be your spiritual practice?  That’s what Oprah and…

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When Is The Perfect Time? Start Your SoulMate Relationship TODAY!

What are you waiting for? Start your SoulMate relationship TODAY! Are you ready to shift from frustration to fulfillment? You are already connected to your SoulMate by virtue of your desire to meet. Manifesting your SoulMate is inevitable. Your SoulMate relationship is a journey that takes place in the field of time and starts in…

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Are Your Hidden Fears Blocking You From Love?

Nobody knows just how many times you cry yourself to sleep because you’re soooo lonely. Nobody knows that despite saying you want a SoulMate, deep down you are terrified. Nobody knows that despite all your success in every other area of your life, you feel like a miserable failure in love. I know. The good…

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10 Ways to Get and KEEP a Woman’s Interest

It’s not that complicated really, but it does take effort to get and KEEP a woman’s interest. “Anything worth having is worth the effort.” – Theodore Roosevelt Comments comments

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“I Don’t Know What You Want Me to Say!”

How Do I Turn this Fight Around? Everything was going well. You were getting along, sharing and laughing. Then it happened. All of a sudden she got quiet. You turn and see a tear was rolling down her cheek. When you asked, “What’s wrong?” all you got back was, “Nothing. I’m fine.” Comments comments

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want sex again

No Libido? Want Sex Again? Read This Book

How to Want Sex Again: Rekindling Passion with EFT by Alina Frank What a TURN ON! I have so many clients who NEED this book! The more I read, the more excited I got. Ahem. What I mean to say is that I wish I had Alina’s book, How to Want Sex Again: Rekindling Passion…

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36 Date Movies Guaranteed to Get Your Cuddle On

Why are mushy or scary date movies the best for a night out on the town or at home on the sofa together? Here’s why. Because the emotions generated cause you to grab each. Once you’re there, why let go? It’s what you wanted anyhow. Choose wisely. Chick flicks or horror fimls practically guarantee a cuddle.…

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