Why Your Perfect SoulMate ISN’T Supposed to be Perfect

After yet another hurtful fight with your Beloved, don’t you wonder, “Are we supposed to be together? How can something so right, go so wrong?” Your SoulMate isn’t going to be perfect. They’re not supposed to be! But, they will be a perfect fit for where you are in your Soul’s journey Wait! What??  …

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Bottom Line – Do SoulMates Actually Exist?

Ever wonder if your mother was right? “You’re being too picky.” Are you asking for the impossible? Do real people seek a spiritual partnership? Do SoulMates actually exist or is it just “airy-fairy” stuff? But, you love this kind of stuff. You reach for things unseen. You won’t settle for a boring, mundane relationship. You’d…

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imagine a woman

Imagine a Woman: This Amazing Poem Touched My Soul to the Core

Sometimes I get so busy with life and work, that I don’t pay attention to the workings of my own Soul until something hits me smack in the face. And, it always seems to be an act of grace that calls me back to it. Do words stir your Soul too? They sure do for…

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Is Your Inner Critic Keeping You From Love?

Wouldn’t it be nice if that little, nagging voice in your head that just loves to point out all of your flaws and faults would just shut up? And, wouldn’t it be even better if the person you are dating, who also likes to criticize you and put you down, would do the same? Don’t…

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Unbelievable! Laura Reconnected with Her Lost Love

Out of the blue, I contacted my friend, Laura, to invite her to my MeetUp.  As disappointed as I was to learn she’d recently moved away, I was more delighted to hear her great news! She reconnected with her lost love! She was in Florida and he was in Seattle. Comments comments

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inner voice

Urgent! Your Soul Desperately Needs Your Attention

Are you able to hear the still, small voice within or is it drowned out because of all the busyness in your life? Imagine being guided right to your SoulMate because you listened and acted upon your own inner guidance in all things. All things? Yes, all things.  Your SoulMate meets you when you are…

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Maybe It’s Time to Give Up on “The List”

I’ll bet you made “The List.” You know the one I mean. I’ll bet you’ve revised it a few times too. I’ll bet after a few revisions and no success you tossed it in your underwear drawer – too afraid to really throw it away. You know … just in case. I’m going to be straight…

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