23 Surprising Places to Practice Your Rico Suave Flirting Skills

Flirting is fun!  If you practice these flirting skills every chance you get, pretty soon you’ll be a real Rico Suave’. Don’t bogart your good stuff until you meet the One.

We are natural flirts…that is we start out in life being engaging, friendly and open. Eye contact, body language, tone of voice and a friendly smile are the basics of flirting.

People like those who like them and who know how to build an intimate connection.

As far as opening lines, a simple hello followed by an open-ended question is best. Avoid anything that sounds like a pick up line or that is crude, lewd, or rude…unless you want to get slapped in the face!

Second, listen more than you talk. There’s a reason God gave you two ears and one mouth. By asking your date about themselves, their interests and passions (not THAT kind!), they feel special and you become more interesting. Who doesn’t love that?

“There are no men/women in my town!” That’s the cry I hear from lonely singles everywhere – from Austin, TX to Muncie, IN. It’s pitiable and untrue. You are just not trying. Change your attitude because “you’ll see it when you believe it!”

There are between 90 and 110 MILLION singles of all ages in America.  A good date might be right under your nose. The trouble is you’re walking around with blinders on – not flirting. You need to practice flirting everywhere!

Here are some surprising places to practice.

  1. Classes and lectures
  2. Art Gallery openings
  3. Auctions
  4. Social Clubs (like!)
  5. Coffee shops
  6. Community organizations
  7. Concerts
  8. Dances
  9. Discussion groups
  10. Flea Markets
  11. Walking, Garden and Architectural Tours
  12. Gyms
  13. Hardware stores (Lowe’s and Home Depot are where the men hang out!)
  14. The Library (gives you a reason to whisper and sit close!)
  15. Parents without Partners
  16. MENSA – dating for smarty pants!
  17. Parks and recreation areas
  18. Class reunions (Is your high school flame now single?)
  19. Sporting events (Go CARDS!! I’m from Saint Louis!)
  20. Street fairs and Art Shows
  21. Walking our Dog…while your dog is sniffing…you can be flirting
  22. Wine Tastings
  23. Airplanes

The next time you leave your house (highly recommended…unless the wo/man of your dreams works for FedEx) – I want you to make eye contact for 3 seconds, smile and say “Hi” to anyone who strikes your fancy. You may make a new friend …or maybe more!

Where is the best place to flirt in your neighborhood?  Please post them in the comment section below.



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