10 Ways to Get and KEEP a Woman’s Interest

It’s not that complicated really, but it does take effort to get and KEEP a woman’s interest.

“Anything worth having is worth the effort.”
– Theodore Roosevelt

1. Be romantic/court her – Plan fun dates full of romantic gestures. Incidentally, “hanging out” is not a date. I don’t care which generation you are from.

2. Taking Our Time and Share Confidences – Getting to know each other takes time and trust. If you want her to be vulnerable/immediate with you, be vulnerable/immediate with her.

3. When in Doubt, Ask/Communicate – If something upsets you, don’t assume and react. Ask her/Clarify. Don’t just drop off the radar.

4. Be trustworthy/send clear messages – Show your interest in words and actions that match.

5. Be vulnerable/open – She doesn’t just want to know about you and who you’ve been (or been with – UGH!). She wants to know what you think and feel.

6. Take Initiative/Mutuality – Make sure there’s a balance of give and take in your relationship. Do NOT just assume that she is going to be the only responsibile for making the relationship work. It won’t.

7. When the time is right – be exclusive. She won’t share as much of herself if she knows you are dating other people, i.e., shopping around. If you want to date more than one person at a time, then there will only be a friendship between you.

8. Be Inviting – Share your world, interests, ideas, thoughts and feelings with her. Invite her into your life. Introduce her to your friends. Teach her something you love.

9. Be playful/creative – Show her your fun/goofy/inane side. Make her laugh. Wow her with your creative nature.

10. Be a grown up – Have a well managed life, a solid friendship circle, a job that takes care of your needs, no addictions and a healthy lifestyle.

BONUS TIP: Be a good listener and don’t try to solve her problems unless she asks for your input.

What would you add to get and keep a woman’s attention? Please comment below.

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  • JoAnn Melton

    Reply Reply December 26, 2015

    From a favorite film, “Phenomenon,” is a scene where Robert Duvall’s character chides another character in a manner saying that John’s character ‘bought her chairs. Every woman has something she invested in of importance and John’s character bought hers.’

    Not doing well in the exact quote but perhaps you can incorporate the message.

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