get over my ex

Can I Really Get Over My Ex Quickly with EFT?

get over my exYou’d love to meet your SoulMate, but you’re still agonizing over your ex!

Isn’t it better to start dating someone right away to ease the pain? What’s wrong with having a little fun and distraction?

Maybe you’ll forget the ex. Ancient history, right?  Maybe you’ll get lucky and this one will be “The One.” Then why are you always secretly comparing the two? Huh?

Here comes the tough love, sister.

Heartbreak to Breakthrough!

“If you want the whole thing, the gods will give it to you. But you must be ready for it.”
—Joseph Campbell

All stages of manifesting are necessary and important, but this one of letting go of heartbreak and releasing past attachments seems to be the one people think they can skip. It’s painful. Fortunately you now have EFT as a tool to release and move quickly through the painful parts.

Why is this necessary? You can’t rise to a love in the future if you are carrying the weight of the past within you. Past attachments make you like a balloon tied to the ground; you’re not free to soar, not free to manifest your SoulMate. Author Jeff Brown refers to the burden of past attachments as “the power of then.” You can’t go forward if you are looking backward.

Join Dr. Annette Vaillancourt, as she discusses the why’s and how’s of using EFT to release the pain of heartbreak and break through to new love.  Won’t it be a great day when you can say, “I am finally able to get over my ex!”

Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D. is a master manifestor, who has used Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) since 2006 to transform her life and those of her clients. Personally, she used EFT to lose 70 pounds, manifest an unexpected $70,000, write her first book in 6 months, her second book in 6 weeks and her third book in 6 days, cure herself of plantar fasciitis and earn a Brown Belt in Shotokan Karate at the age of 57.

After 25+ years as a couple’s counselor in private practice, she turned her attention from trying to resurrect broken marriages to helping spiritually minded singles manifest their SoulMates. As the author of How to Manifest Your SoulMate with EFT: Relationship as a Spiritual Path, she teaches people how to quickly remove their internal barriers to love.




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