Unbelievable! Laura Reconnected with Her Lost Love

Laura reconned with her lost love!Out of the blue, I contacted my friend, Laura, to invite her to my MeetUp.  As disappointed as I was to learn she’d recently moved away, I was more delighted to hear her great news!

She reconnected with her lost love! She was in Florida and he was in Seattle.

Hey Annette!

I have actually moved to Fort Lauderdale about 10 days ago.

Talk about manifesting a new life! I had so many things happening to me the last few months (or should I say manifested) that I don’t know where to begin. :-)

I might be able to give you a great story on the soul mate part. 😉

I have also separated from my husband (a good thing) 4 months ago and am filing for divorce.

But, the first love of my life, the one I was madly in love at 17, and then lost contact with for 33 years, reappeared in my life in the most unusual way and at the right time. He was always my soul mate and I always knew (and missed him …).

He has also been separated for 6 months. We reconnected 6 weeks ago (he lived in Seattle). He already relocated here, as well. Like I said, we were and still are soulmates.

What I did is put out to the universe that if I ever had to have a relationship again, I was not going to settle, that the man had to have certain qualities … within 5 days he reappeared in my life.

I can give you a great testimonial for a soulmate story. I also manifested selling my house (in the most incredible way, while it was off the market) and, of course, my business. I feel I can manifest anything and honestly I have you to thank a lot for opening pathways in my life.”

I’m so happy for her!

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