Our SoulMate Story

Gail and Tad’s SoulMate Story

Do you wonder if SoulMates really exist? Do you know anybody who has one?

That is why I have started this series of SoulMate Stories to let you how real people find theirs in real life.

My friend Gail and her husband Tad have an encouraging SoulMate story.  I just had to share it with you.  Their story demonstrates that there is hope for love in the second half of life or after a divorce.

“I consider myself a lucky soul because my SoulMate came into my life when I was 28. The first time I saw his photo, there was a “zing” …no, a “ZING!!!!!” sensation that ran through me. The problem? I was applying to work for him!

The person giving the office tour casually pointed at a photo collage and said, “This is Dr. Gates, and those are some photos of his family.” So, I knew there was a zing, and I knew there was a ring, so to speak.

I got the job. While there was chemistry between us from the moment we met, we never acted upon it.

Then one day shortly before I turned 40, Tad told a few of us trusted staff that he was getting a divorce. He wanted us to know because he would no longer be at his home address for after-hour emergency calls if they should arise. (He’s a dentist and it’s surprising how often a tooth gets knocked out during a nighttime basketball game or a toothache develops!)

A few weeks after that he came into the room where I sterilized instruments. “Gail, I feel like a freshman asking the most popular girl in school if she wants to go to the prom, but would you consider letting me court you?” I was flabbergasted because:

  1. Who says “court” anymore?
  2. Was I meant to be the rebound woman?
  3. For all he knew, I was still in a relationship. (I had actually parted ways with my significant other some months earlier, but Tad didn’t know that!)
  4. How does a working relationship between a boss and staff person translate into a dating relationship?

I was scared, but I said yes, he could court me. Two years later I said yes in front of a minister and a roomful of friends and family. We are about to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. I thank God every day that he brought us together!”


Gail Gates is the owner of AgingSchmaging, a website and blog “For Women Who Do Not Believe in Expiration Dates.” She is also and artist and author of the self-published book, Smoldering; Post-Menopausal Women and Creative Resurgence.

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Want to celebrate your love and share it with the world?  Send me your SoulMate Story to feature on my blog. Please include a photo of the two of you.



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