SoulMate Success Stories

Over the years I’ve been thrilled to be a part of these SoulMate Success Stories. Congratulations to all!

Laura reconnected with her SoulMate after many years apart!

JeanI am happy to report that I met my current boyfriend shortly after completing the SoulMate ManiFest course. This is the healthiest relationship I have ever been in. I have been able to stay true to myself as well as maintain my freedom. I believe EFT helped me remove the blocks in my body’s energy system as well as heal my negative beliefs regarding relationships.~ Jean

SeanI am now in a relationship! She is a person who reflects my love in a way that makes me feel like I improve the quality of her life by being in it and makes me a better person in the process. And that is the greatest feeling in the world…In this moment everything is awesome with us and I’m enjoying being with her…I am thankful for everything I’ve learned from Annette thus far. ~ Sean


We’re getting married December 28, 2013!!
~ Cyndi and Bob

I’m Saving this Spot for YOUR SoulMate Success Story!


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