EFT Tapping Along with Annette

Welcome to my new series, “Tapping Along with Annette.” Each week I will demonstrate how to use EFT to remove fears, blocking beliefs and past attachments to old loves, so that you can manifest your SoulMate. Please send your ideas and questions to me via email. Let me know what you want to see on EFT Tapping Along with Annette.  Your idea may be featured in one of my videos. (Of course, I won’t mention your name or identify you in any way.)

These videos are for education purposes only and are not designed to be a substitute for medical or mental health care.

EFT Tapping to Clear Fears of Commitment

Today we focus on fear and doubts about making a commitment.  The ability to commit to a goal or to give yourself permission to have your heart’s desire is one of the first steps in manifesting your SoulMate.  Surprisingly, getting serious about this often brings up other fears.

Tapping to Remove Fears of Rejection

Even though logically we know we can’t be rejected by a stranger (because they don’t really know us), it still stings.  Here’s a short tapping demonstration to clear those fears.  Please add your own into the mix to personalize it for yourself. Continue tapping until you have cleared all aspects of this fear.

Tapping to Reclaim Your Projections

When we take an instant and strong dislike or like to someone, what is happening is that we are projecting onto them parts of our personality that we aren’t aware of.  This can cause a lot of trouble and conflict.  Even if what is hiding in your personal Shadow in the unconscious is something negative, like selfishness, rage or arrogance, when you make it conscious you reclaim the power to use it or not use it when and if a situation calls for it.

Tapping Along with Annette to Clear Fears of Being “Too Busy” to Manifest Your SoulMate

Learn to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to clear any and all limiting beliefs and fears that block you from manifesting your SoulMate. In this video be use the Tapping Statement, “Even though I’m afraid I’m too busy to manifest a SoulMate and I don’t have time for a relationship, I deeply love and accept myself.”